We take great care to make sure our products are correctly labelled. It is a legal requirement that foods in New Zealand must declare any of the allergens listed below on the label:

o  Cereals containing gluten & their products [wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt]

o  Crustacea

o  Egg

o  Fish (fish products (including mollusc with or without shells and fish oils)

o  Lupin

o  Milk

o  Peanuts

o  Sesame seeds

o  Soybeans

o  Tree nuts & tree nut products

o  Sulphites

It is really important to us that our consumers can trust our products. If an allergen is not listed in the ingredients list on the product label, it is because it is not present in the product.

As a responsible food producer with a proven record of safe allergen management, we carefully consider all aspects of food safety and quality, including allergens, at all stages of our process. We operate under a fully audited and certified Risk Management Programme which includes controls such as:

o  Validated cleaning procedures

o  Control of personnel movement in processing areas

o  Raw material sourcing and tracing

o  Production scheduling

o  Documented procedures and controls

o  Staff training

o  Dedicated equipment

o  Isolated storage of allergens


This gives us confidence that our product labels comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, and that any mandatory allergens present are correctly identified so consumers can make informed food choices.

If you are allergic to ingredients that are not on the mandatory list required for labelling in New Zealand, can you please e-mail a request for information to  

We will consult with our Technical and Nutrition teams to ensure information we supply supports your situation. You could also contact Allergy New Zealand ( who can support you with additional information, and advocate for your needs.