Flavour Strength

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Health Star Rating

Health Star Rating



Servings per package: 10
Servings size: 18g (1 Slice)
  Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy 1680 kJ
Protein 23.6g
Fat, Total 34.0 g
-Saturated 22.0 g
Carbohydrate LESS THAN 1 g
-Sugars LESS THAN 1 g
Sodium 708 mg
Calcium 740 mg
*RDI Recommended Dietary Intake per Serving (NZ Adult)
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Cultures (Milk)
  • Enzyme (Non-Animal Rennet)
  • Natural Colour (Beta-Carotene)

Mainland American Style Cheddar Natural Slices

Offers a slightly savoury bite. These cheese slices are made with natural colour and embody the classic Mainland taste, with a firm texture that complements any burger.

Tasting notes

Smooth texture with slightly savoury flavour and aroma.

Making the Most of American Style Cheddar Natural Slices

Our Mainland American Style Cheddar Natural Slices come in a convenient easy to open pack with 10 slices cut from the block. Perfect for topping off your burgers with a creamy melt or layering in your favourite sandwiches for that classic American flavour.

How American Style Cheddar Natural Slices are Crafted

We follow a simple process to craft the best. Using only the most delicious farm fresh pasteurised New Zealand milk, curds are cooked at 40°C, chipped or milled then dry salted.  Natural beta carotene is added to give our product its vibrant orange hue, ensuring both visual appeal and natural goodness in every bite.

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