Flavour Strength

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Health Star Rating

Health Star Rating



PER 100G
Energy 975kJ
Protein 13.0g
Fat, Total 19.0g
-Saturated 12.0g
Carbohydrate 3.0g
-Sugars Less than 1g
Sodium 1200mg
  • Pasteurised Goat's milk
  • Salt
  • Cultures
  • Enzyme (Non-Animal Rennet).

Creamy Goat's Milk Feta

The smooth and creamy texture of Mainland Goat’s Milk Feta packs an extra flavour bite. So if you enjoy versatility and a tangy taste this is the cheese for you

Tasting notes

Moist and salty with a satisfying savoury flavour and pleasantly acidic mouth feel.

Making the Most of Mainland Creamy Goat's Milk Feta Cheese

Mainland Creamy Goat's Milk Feta cheese is at the top of the flavour scale. With its strong biting taste and cloud white colouring there’s a salty milkiness to the cheese which means it lends itself well to cooking. Use it when you’re making a tart or frittata or bake for 10 minutes with garlic, fresh oregano and olive oil then serve to your guests with a crusty bread. Available in 200g blocks.

How Creamy Goat's Milk Feta Cheese is crafted

Pasteurised and pre-ripened farm fresh milk is combined with selected starter cultures to achieve the fresh piquant taste of a creamy feta. It’s stored in brine to keep it fresh so it arrives ready to eat and enjoy.

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