What you'll need


Making your Cheeseboard

Delight a BBQ crowd this summer. With a Summer afternoon bbq in mind, it’s brimming of treats for the whole family. Try serving on a big tray so your guests won’t worry about creating mess on the table. Fill the gaps with big stacks of crackers, crusts of bread and colourful tomatoes.

The show stopper on this board is our ‘Tasty & Bacon Kiwi Dip. Filling a hollowed out loaf of bread is a fun way to serve this dip. Once all the dip is almost demolished, guests can break off pieces of the dip-coated bread bowl to eat it.

We’ve kept things simple with cheeseboard basics - a cheddar, a brie and a blue. Mainland Noble has been aged for 9 months, it has 30% less fat but still full of flavour, and not too strong for the kids. Breaking, crumbling and cutting pieces off cheeses helps give boards a more casual, delicious, welcoming look.

Buy a hummus put it in a dish from your kitchen, sprinkle with one of our 50g single serve Mainland feta to give your guests the impression it’s a ‘home made’ creation.

Create some height. Serve your chutney straight from the jar, and have glasses full of celery/carrots for a colourful and healthy addition. Have lots of cut up fresh vegetables of dipping and to smear with cheese. Celery spread with blue cheese will be a guaranteed favorite.