What You'll Need


Making Your Cheeseboard 

Take advantage of the abundance of fresh summer fruits at Summer time to create beautiful and festive cheeseboards.

Choose different coloured seasonal fruits and lots of luscious berries. We’ve used strawberries, blueberries, cherries, mango, papaya and pomegranate for a bright and colourful arrangement. Or you can create the same impact with a few of your favourite seasonal fruits. Remember to toss fruits that brown quickly like apple and pear in lemon juice after cutting.

Give your cheeseboard a festive feel, use bliss balls, covered in coconut for a merry sparkle, sprinkle fruit and nuts - a great pairing with cheese, or try scattering fruity Christmas cake, beautiful when paired with blue cheese or cheddar.

Using fruit not only looks inviting but it is a cost-effective way to fill your cheeseboard. Try cutting and stacking your fruit high in the centre of the board and fill the edges with your selection of cheeses cheese for a fuller looking board.

This cheeseboard has a variety of hard, soft, strong and mild cheeses for you guests to try and enjoy.  We’ve used Mainland Tasty, a mature, sharp cheddar. The mild and more creamy options are Mainland Special Reserve Havarti, Brie and Feta, all delightfully compliment the fruit and berries. This board will also appeal to the blue-lovers with Blue Vein Creamy Blue and Blue Brie – after all, it wouldn’t be a Summer cheeseboard, without exquisite blue cheeses for our blue-lovers. The fruit works well to cleanse your palette when grazed on in between cheese, making it the perfect addition to this cheeseboard with its variety of blues and aged cheddar.

Honey and walnuts would also make the perfect addition, and if you are looking for more inspiration head over to our ‘tips and tricks’ page for ideas on how style other options of our favourite entertaining platters.